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Thursday, November 13, 2003

这首只能看,不能听的歌…送给一路陪伴我的你…… Tonight, I feel close to you 孙燕姿,仓木麻衣 / 演唱 Close my eyes, and feel your mind Time has passed, I walked like a shadow Never knew, what I’m going through You touched my heart and take my breath away Let the bright stars fill our dreams with love Reach for your hand (Your hand is my key) And you show me the way Tonight I feel close to you You open my door and light the sky above When I need friend, you are there by my side I wish we could stay as one (I wish we could stay forever as one) All the tears that haunt my past You promised It’ll be better tomorrow Play that song You and I listened to And let it gently ease our pain Tender rain drops from the blue sky Flower blooming, Life ‘s so divine Like sunlight on a stream (you’re holding my key) You show the world to me So much love in the beautiful world Search for the brightest star in the sky You will find the meaning of love Don’t be afraid (Don’t be afraid) Just be yourself (Just be yourself) We need this love I never knew 友情对我来说很重要,那你呢?